Moustaches Optional

I want to have an advice column.

How do I go about doing that?


  1. pastafarian07 said: Use blogger and make a unique email for questions
  2. relativityofdreaming said: I think that’s brilliant. You give great advice.
  3. maddiecanfly said: do you have VYou? It’s great for fun Q&A type stuff.
  4. winterbiene said: Tell people to send you questions. ;)
  5. nerdswillruletheworld said: Do it on here! Call it “The ABC: Ask Bryarly Column!” Make a new blog just for that. You’ll get a bunch of asks. It’ll be fun!
  6. areyouhibsexual said: That would be amazing (: You inspired me to make my own videos btw, your videos are just wow ((and I love your hair, haha)) xx
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  8. michaelmidnight said: No need to ask, just do!
  9. ninjasockmonkey said: Are you looking for publication in a periodical or would a self published site/blog be enough? You’re at no shortage of people that seek your advice. I would read your “column” regularly, that’s for sure.
  10. marasintheocean said: No idea, but you could start by maybe giving me advice? If you want to :) -Daph
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